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• Exclusive technology that prevents excessive bleeding staining and fading

• No developer required

• Intermixable shades = endless creative possibilities

• Vibrant results up to 12 shampoos


Step 1: Apply on clean dry hair using non metal tools

Step 2: Massage hair with fingers to assure even saturation

Step 3: Process for 20 minutes, for extra depth process up to 30 minutes

Step 4: Rinse thoroughly, rinse different colours seperately.

Step 5: Follow with Oligo Calura Moisture Balance Shampoo and Colour Lock. Use Oligo Stain Protector and Stain Remover to avoid staining.


* Skin Patch Test: This product contains ingredients that may cause skin irritations or allergies on certain individuals. It is recommended to perform a skin patch test prior to each application. Apply a small amount of product to clean and dry area in the inner side of the elbow and wait 48 hours. If there is any burning, itchiness, swelling or discomfort, do not use this product.